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Unpin explorer, change icon via the startmenu(all programs-accessories) and pin it to taskbar :)
Ah yes, forgot about that. I hate finding an icon set that I like, and they never have all the icons I need. Either missing a program, or folder type or something lol

Thanks, one more question. How about a program you don't have pinned, or dont want pinned, say MPC. Assuming the only way would be resource hacking :(
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Are there applications that can do it? Yes I am back to asking about this.

IconPackager is not what I want, free is what I am asking. And I don't think IP can do program exe files anyways.
If you are wanting to change the actual .exe file icon and not the short cut, you will have to use a res hack or something ..
Well, there are programs that can do it for you, but they all cost..atleast the ones I found after a quick google-search.
Here is another one for April.


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That looks tidyyy ! but awesome :]

I need to get a new wall.. time to head to deviantart :D
Update for mine other post.


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That looks tidyyy ! but awesome :]

I need to get a new wall.. time to head to deviantart :D

Thank you. The one thing I hate more than anything is a cluttered up desktop :)
Last one for now.
Mono lite foobar skin and Shine 2.0 VS with startbutton.bmp from somewhere on deviantart.
Thank you. The one thing I hate more than anything is a cluttered up desktop :)

Hehe, yeah.. I feel the same. I just need a free day to clean everything up :]

@Andy Nice ! you guys make me wanna mod my theme :D
I made some slight changes, I am not sure whether I like it or not though.


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Here is a new one for april.

Icons: Token (I got a pack that changes all the system icons)
Cursors: Token
Winamp, last.fm, cdart display, object dock with token icons.

I did have rainmeter. I took it out, but am thinking about putting it back in.


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That is an interesting Winamp Theme, where did ya get it?
It is called quedelic. It doesn't work with the newer versions of winamp. Which doesn't matter to me. I haven't find a reason to upgrade yet. :)
Updated rainmeter skin.

Chrome opens into the remaining space on the right so it fills everything up perfectly :)

Second shot is basically same thing, but from today when I was dling Office 2010 RTM.


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