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April 2010 Desktop Screenshots

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April 2010 Desktop Screenshots

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I have a couple of questions.

1: how do you get the start section small ?

2: why is it that every time I try to change the start button I get an error saying that explorer.exe can not be found? (let me add for this one, that the way I do it move the original to a back up folder. Then put the one to replace it in the windows folder.)

Maybe I should ask what version of seven you are using? I am using pro ..

[edit] I figirued out why the changing of dll files won't work. I would still like to know how to get small start menu [/edit]

[edit] [edit] I figured out how to adjust the height if the start menu [/edit][/edit]
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Glad you figured all that out lol.

The height of the start menu is based off how many recent programs you have showing. Mine is set to 5 at the moment, plus the ones that I pin to it.

For explorer (the start button) you need to have full permissions over explorer.exe, once that is done. I rename the default to explorerbackup.exe and copy over my new file. Then I end the explorer.exe process, and restart it. Most people say reboot or log out but I like to do that.


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I haven't rebooted yet. I am afraid to lol (I did the same thing with these. I just killed the process and restarted them when I was done) ... I did make a restore point before I changed everything, though.


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I have used 8 different explorer.exe files from different people. Only one caused problems, so I say those are pretty good chances. lol


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My April DT on my laptop, yeah still using Vista Ultimate no 7 yet. :rolleyes:

Visual Style - Aero
Icons - Windows Vista Default & Others
Desktop Gadgets - Rocket Dock & Vista Sidebar
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I never understood desktop cd art displays. When I am listening to music I am either looking at my music player, or doing something in my browser or something else.
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