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Apple Store - 30" Screen


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Wow this thing is a beaty. Playing with a Mac G5. Awesome little machine. Huge screen as well, i want one not to mention.

You could do a ton of stuff with a screen this big. 6 websites at once, iTunes, and much more. Did i mention "WOW"?

Sorry, just had to post this, i love it. 30 inches is huge though.



Dabba Dooba
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lol...i could of done that myself but i was surprised that he didnt post a pic or link. Thanks tho :)...


I may actually be insane.
A pic or link to what exactly? Unless X had a camera on him, there's no pics, and there's nothing to link to, other than what I posted above.
I was at the University store half an hour ago looking at the Mac Mini. Damn, is it small. :p

Moonwraith said:
Nothing more fun than sniping on far cry on my dad's 42 inch plasma HD tv. heh
You lucky dog... :D
NetRyder said:
You lucky dog... :D
Well if i get a few mates with their system's round.. what's the point in me bringing my 17inch tft monitor down? :lick:

Thing is.. they can see what i'm doing from anywhere in the house heh


- geek -
Yeah seeing the 30" Cinema up close is amazing. I saw it at CompUSA. :classic:

*edit* - only draw back is the price tag that matches that of the G5 ;)


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The display itself makes me drool though :p

NetRyder: I saw the Mac mini as well. And yes, i agree with what you said. Gonna get myself one.

I did get a pic with my mobile phone, so ill post that.


the 4um stalker
i want a mac mini real bad but all my music software is only windows compatible and i need to upgrade my pc, and unfortunately i don't have the money for both


Act your wage.
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He's using Nuendo, and I'm trying to convince him to trash the PC and get a Mini.

Computers are getting smaller and the screens are getting bigger. I like that. :)


High On Life!
my friend had a 30 inch computer screen, it was huge, and back then it was windows 98 but it was alright haha, but now its broken or somthign and they dont have the spare parts in egypt (not the monitor in this thread) it was an old screen


the 4um stalker
SPeedY_B said:
Nuendo is available for the Mac. It was beta'd for Mac OS X in 2002, so it's been around a while. ;)
I could get Nuendo 3... however, that would require paying $2000... or I could stick with what I have (Nuendo 1.somethingorother, which I got for free from muzikool's friend).. I know the cd I have can be installed on a Mac, but there is a parallel adapter that is required to be plugged in as a security device to deter piracy. So my choices would be: a) get a parallel/usb adapter and see if it works on a Mac; b) see if Steinberg would make a trade (parallel for usb); c) stick with the pc; d) get a Mac and use MachFive or some other newer app instead...... just because the MacMini comes with iLife that comes with Garageband, their new statement that "pc users considering getting a Mac don't have an excuse anymore" (or something like that) doesn't apply to me... because I would be lowering too many standards to be limited to using Garageband.

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