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Apple approved 14 farting iPhone apps yesterday!


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Wow, Apple sure loves farting apps because Apple just approved 14 new fart iPhone applications yesterday! Here are some of the apps Apple released: Fart Button, Mr. Poot!, iToot, iFart, iFartz, FartBox, Who Farted, WhoopieCushion, and Whoopee Cushion. I haven't tried any of these on my iPod Touch yet because I don't have a speaker on there so these apps would be useless for me. I know we have some iPhone users on this board, so have fun with these apps! :D

Apple is very strict with their application approval process and it surprises me how they've been quickly approving farting apps while rejecting other typse of apps. :D


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Okay, so I had to bump this topic! The reason is because the iFart Application for the iPhone which is 99 cents made it to the "top paid apps" section in iTunes. That means it's the most popular app right now and it's received a lot of downloads in iTunes. Out of all the other apps iFart comes out first? How could this be? It's just a farting app!!! :D


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Ok, sorry for the double post. But this is just crazy! On December 17 the developer of iFart application made 2,836 sales of this app so he made $2,807 in revenue. Now that's just in one day, imagine, in a month he'd have earned at least $84,000, and in a year at least $1,008,000. WOW. A person is making money off of a crazy farting application. Seriously. Now I want to learn how to develop my own iPhone apps.


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Yes, you can have flatulent applications, but no jiggling breasts. Seems to me if you want sophomoric humor, flatulence and breasts would be the way to go. Have you never seen "Animal House," Apple?

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