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Anyone tested the Windows XP 64bits version yet ?


OSNN Junior Addict
Here are some screen.. nothing exciting

Guess what ? Firefox don't work in this version but before yelling at Microsoft about anti-firefox conspiracy, the 32bits version of IE don't work ether :p

So basically the OS is splitted in two (2 Program Files folder, i assume one for 32 and other for 64bits applications).

The hardware is well taken in charge as usual.. there are some issues since it's still in beta (64bits linux distro have some issues too) only time will tell if it's good or not.


Perris Calderon

Staff member
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it has to be an improvement when it's finnished

I'm amazed firefox hasn't supported this windows 64 bit os.

if they do, and they add all of the useablity the extra resources provide, then firfox would become the preferred browser by the time this os is released.

that would be smart marketing


OSNN Senior Addict
By the way ... have tried the 360 day expired version 3 separate times now.
Once as dual boot with XP Pro,via Bootmagic.
Its as full of software compatibility problems as a sieve.

Electronic Punk

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1218 is a bit of an old build. I currently have access to 1289 RC1 (tho have had problems downloading it to be honest)
WindowsXP 64 is available as part of the Windows 2003 SP1 beta test.


OSNN Junior Addict
what about driver support? That's what I've herd is pretty bad right now. I noticed ATI has drivers for 64bit windows, anyone tried those? Do they work well with games?

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