anyone know a way around only 10 concurent connections


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anyone know a way around only 10 concurent connections allowed on Windows 2000 prof... In 2000 server you can have unlimited.

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No, not a single way. Its part of the licence agreement

Microsoft has placed limitations on the number of simultaneous IP sessions for their non-server editions of the Windows OS. Both Windows 2000 and XP Professional is limited to 10 concurrent IP sessions.
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Blame me for the RAZR's
ug....i was afraid of that.. some dip**** decided to set up a monitored network scanning on a machine thats running 2000 prof.. i really dont want to have to migrate the data and then change all the xerox's. sigh.


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Ya, like shakes said, It's doable but only on Windows XP Sp2...

The files are actually legal, nothing has been hacked by someone, it used to be part of a pre-release version of Service Pack 2 and they took it off on release.

Anyhow, if you ever upgrade to XP, you can basically have close to a Windows 2003 Server... minus quite a few features but still...


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I wouldn't say it's "legal" because it certainly is not. The EULA doesn't allow it. There may be a "workaround" but once again... not "legal."


Blame me for the RAZR's
Thanks all this is something the company will just have to live with because a admin didnt think ahead. Apreciate everyone that replied.

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If you are thinking of the limitation this passes: it isn't the same one.
You will have to upgrade to Windows 2000 Server etc. or look for a different os solution (ie linux if it is just file storage.)


Blame me for the RAZR's
eh is just not worth it. I didnt set it up and cant get permission to upgrade. so. Im sh*t luck. but i can just say its someonelses fault after all im only a intern... made to do the real job like a slave lol. but i get paid so im alll good.

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