Anyone in Amsterdam?


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Good to hear

Hey - what happened to the Skype icon in our avatar area? Didn't it used to be a light blue?


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If I had the time I would enjoy taking a trip to Amsterdam....
for the coffee.... of course:smoker:


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Too bad I have to work that day, but otherwise I would have dropped by! Do you have to pay for the tickets or otherwise reserve them or can you just drop by?


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bobsalot said:
wen i went to amsterdam, the hookers in the windows were winking and saying come in, and im only 15. was very cool.
bobsalot said:
i know alot bout computers and am only 13 and my dads gf built my computer cause she knows alot bout computers and i dont want to wait untill this weekend to have my windows me back on cause my computer has been messin up with xp. and i looked up on how to uninstall xp but i dont have the uninstall cause it didnt load so i want to know if someone knows a different way or somethin or tell me how to delete my hard drive so i could reinstall my windows me lol
As for Amsterdam...I wish I could come :(

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All good still mate?
Hello, is there anybody in there? Just nod if you can hear me ...
What a long strange trip it's been. =)

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