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Anyone have a home security system?


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Anyone have a home security system? I'm giving some strong thought to getting one - wanted to see if anyone had any advice or lessons learned when it comes to these


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The 380 is the best weapon for home defense. Won't go through your neighbor's wall if you miss and if you don't they ain't getting very far.


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where do you live derek.. i'll come out and do a.. umm.. security assessment..


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We had ADT for awhile when we first bought the house, it lowered the insurance on the house. They cam out and installed a monitored system. We went with the basic setup as the whole house monitoring got kinda crazy, so we went wtih prime traffic monitors. We don't use ADT anymore, but we kept the system as it has advantages, especially when the little ones start walking or old enough to wander on their own.
My friend has a brilliant home security system. Its about 3 yrs old I think, really dark brown with a caramel/light brown under belly. Its got real sharp teeth too and is called Zeus :)
We had monitored ADT for a while. Just use the system now and don't pay the fee anymore. What ended the monitoring was the time we had an alarm go off and they called my 80 year old mother-in-law to drive out and see what was wrong. When I cancelled I went as far up the chain of command as I could get at ADT calling them every kind of idiot and worse.


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I/we will probably be getting a gun as well, but my concern is for when we are not there which is quite often. I travel a reasonable amount for business, and also want to know that both Erica and my home are safe.

I think I may call ADT and get an assessment, I'm in the same boat of not having a phone line. I have VoIP, but they claim that to be "not reliable".
I lived at a house last year that we had ADT setup in there, and our house had a wireless connection to a remote tower, no phone line needed. It worked fine, once we got used to having an alarm.

First time i went through the hall to turn off the system, it went off and I nearly ____ in my pants cause it was so loud!

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We've had an alarm at my house for as long as I can remember. It's just a stand-alone system and isn't monitored. A few weeks ago my dad and I installed a new one since the old one was broken. Since the wires were already run if wasn't a huge job to do.

I personally don't trust these so called wireless ones, they seem unsecure to me. Nothing beats hard wired alarms.
it's harder to get around the wireless ones. if the signal fails, they send police out and call you. it doesn't rely on hardlines that can be cut. With the wireless you have to actually block the frequency range that it can broadcast from. although, i will say, having an alarm system is better than not having one at all.


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I have one installed at my house.

I have had it for nearly ten years now, same one too, monitored too. The alarm company moved it to my new house when I finished building it.

Never had a false alarm with it. I do pay now an extra $5/month since last summer so a private security firm will respond immediately instead of them phoning me first if it goes off.

If/when I am away on vacation, the last thing for the alarm company to do is try to get a hold of me first, because that won't do me any good.

I have never used it, but it helps knowing that it's there.



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Yeah, we also get one move included in our package.

I agree, I hope this is the worst investment ever that I will never have to use.

System is rather complex, need to spend some time getting to know it this weekend when I'm back home (leaving the state for a few days).

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