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Anyone has this font or similer font?



Originally posted by Syedur
Anyone has fonts that represent other language fonts...?
Mostly looking for japanese type fonts, but would be cool if you have indian and others...
The faux japanese fonts.
Thanks... really need some fonts like that... awesome fonts.
thanks a lot for posting that! I'm in the process of learning hiragana and katakana right now, and that link just messed up a full month of memorizing!! :D

lol, j/k - anyway, interesting font - a lot/most of those are the actual characters, some have been turned upside down, etc ... pretty cool!

Well... that wasn't any help...
I have noticed that myself that most of them are real characters... thats why I want that font...
now either someone give me a similer font... or I will go buy that stupid thing... -_-;
Originally posted by Jewelzz
With a demanding attitude like that, I say go buy the stupid thing.
dude, I wasn't trying to have an attitude... I was saying it more joking way... you have to understand the misunderstanding of laguages and with text, its even harder...
sorry if you got my words the wrong way...

btw, i give up looking for it, so I am going to get it the real way ;-)

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