Any method of bulk distributing windows updates via CD?


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24 Dec 2001
Hey guys,

I tried to put the best amount of information in the subject. Lately I've been getting frustrated because of the amount of computers I have been reformatting, installing Windows XP w/ SP2 on them, and then attempting to update them. Sometimes, doing the Windows update (or if Office is installed, Microsoft Update) will go smooth and seamless. Other times, it's a real pain to get Windows Update to finally download and install the updates. Let's not forget to mention more and more updates are released after this release of the Windows CD I have, so it obviously will take longer. There are also MDT's that we can't quite bring inside to update them via windows update.

Now I'm sitting next to a laptop, that was upgraded to Windows XP from Windows 2000 (not reformat + fresh install, an actual upgrade)... and the internet just does not seem to want to work for me. I am interested if there is anything out there, that I can use to hold all of the latest updates, and basically put that on a CD and install them. This will make things easier, I can just install windows, go to the CD, and bam install all of the updates right then and there. Is there anything that is free out there that can do that?

Also, SUS is not an option here, while that works for the desktops (not always), that's not what I'm looking for.
you could manually download all the various hotfixes, string them together, write a batch file and qchain them in an install..

but you'd have to update your Cd and batch file and everything everytime there is a new update/hotfix to install.

IMO - Not worth it
Isn't there an update package for IT personnel from Microsoft? There was one for SP2. It installed all the updates after a reinstall. Have to find a link.
put linux on the pcs instead :p

LOL, Funny, Carpo.

I got my cd format from technet a while back when SP2 came out. Definitely getting the SP3 cd too when it gets issued.

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I am in a similiar psotion with RIS builds.
I currently have a build from SP2 with all windowsupdates integrated.

Waiting for SP3 which will obviously solve that problem.
I can't wait until that point; that means a new Windows XP CD will be shipped to the customer here which will include all updates up until that point w/ SP3 already on it... then I can take more care / knowledge on the slipstreaming of all updates. Will make things much easier!

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