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15 Jan 2004
Hi. Do I need to install an antivirus and firewall to vista? In my XP Pro, I have ZoneAlarm Suite.

What Antivirus / Firewalls are compatible with Vista?

NOD32 Antivirus. If you have a nat router you don't need a firewall.
If I may ask. What is a nat router? Is it the same with a setup of a router device after a modem? I have a Belkin router connected to a cable modem. Thanks for the info.
A NAT firewall is a good solution for incoming attacks, but a normal software side firewall is good to know whats connecting out. The Vista firewall leaves much to be desired on the outgoing side.
you do not need nor should you use a software firewall on windows when you have a NAT router. You should configure the router firewall to limit outbound ports as well as inbound instead.
How do you tell your Linksys not to let traffic outbound from Windows Media Player for instance?
The linux based ones you can telnet to and issue iptables commands to them. Having said that there is no need to block traffic from legitmate applications and your AV scanner should catch rouge apps running or attempting to before they send traffic. If you have rogue apps running and your AV didn't notice it's time to replace your AV.
And thats an easier solution than a software side firewall how?

You still can't block per application via iptables, only by ip & specific ports.
Yes well like I said there is no reason to stop legitimate apps from accessing the internet. Don't use the app if you don't want it accessing the internet.

I'm also firmly believe people should learn to use their internet related hardware/software correctly if nothing else.

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