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Another RPC exploit thread


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I did and then your post and my edit of your post ( I changed the thread closed thing ya wrote...) went poof! :confused:

But ReC0iL's post got merged... I have no clue.


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Once you've merged these threads, please let either myself or gonaads know so we can update the link on the front page sticky. For every merge a new link is created... the threadid= changes.

Members can't discuss the problem if the link doesn't take them to the thread.

Applies more to the person doing the actual merging...but yeah, once the merge is done, either I or the one who did the merging will post in here. Sound good? ;)
Originally posted by Enyo
I think the last time you did it, it happened the other way around; i.e., the linked thread was merged into a newly posted thread. That's how the thread title changed to the title of the new thread, and had to be changed again.
I doubt the "threadid" changes if you merge into the linked thread, but I could be wrong. Anyone else can confirm this?


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Originally posted by SPeedY_B
Everything's being merged into the linked thread isnt it?
[16:56:18] <[e]-Punk> the forum link on the main page..
[16:56:21] <[e]-Punk> has it been merged?
[16:56:32] <Jewelzz> huh?
[16:56:36] <[e]-Punk> so it no longer exists..
[16:56:46] <Jewelzz> oh, yes. think |PK| did it
[16:56:48] <Jewelzz> ****
[16:56:54] <Jewelzz> ok will find the new one
[16:57:11] <[e]-Punk> got a load of mail about it
[16:57:12] <[e]-Punk> hehe
[16:57:22] <[e]-Punk> so I guess lots of people are being hit!
[16:57:42] <Jewelzz> should be updated

Sorry, thought |PK| merged one or some


I may actually be insane.
yeah, just lock em now. gets confusing as **** with all the requests being in one thread. kinda makes a mess of the forums, but i think locking is the way to go for now :)


for some reason earlier the link on the front page to the discussion thread was pointing to a post id which is why there was a problem whenever you merged the the link would then point to the merged post id... Jewelzz brought this up last night.
Now the link on the front page points to a thread id and now posts can be merged with out effect. The link jst points to the first post in the thread...

If this all makes sense please send $5 to my headache fund. :p

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