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Anne - Little Britain


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HMMmm speaking of British humour - I watched "Teachers" last night and have to say it made me LOL a few times, so things cannot be all bad - cheer up falconguard! :p


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^^ Have to agree there Punk this series especially I was not impressed by at all and have actually stopped watching it. As for Little Britain I am personally a big fan, and I you watch it you will soon realise sketches like the "Anne" one are tongue-in-cheek, as there is actually nothing wrong with the Anne character as he shows by speaking and behaving normally each time he receives a phone call, on his mobile.


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Hmmmm well anyway at the end of the day my sister is a fully qualified Mental Health nurse and nobody I know laughs harder than her, especially the sketch with the duck pond......
Still I think the point with the sketches its like the Lou & Andy sketches, these peoplehave nothing "wrong" with them they mearly behave the way they do because they can, hence the joke thats my angle on it anyway.

<oh and off topic (your sig reminded me) cracked out "The Double Album" the other day man I am sure it don't age its like the PvD albums they never seem to age either>

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Lou & Andy are funny,especially when Andy climbed a tree and said "I fell" .Vicky Pollards Jamaican accent in the last episode was hilarious :D


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Electronic Punk said:
Teachers season 1 and 2 were the best :eek:
Is that the programme where a female teacher stuffs her face so that she wins a beer contest for being the fattest/most over-weight person?


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Another way to look at Little Britain is that the humour is supposed to be anarchic and way over the top - at least thats the way I see it - so although there are some demeaning sketches and vile ones (like the Bittie sketches, or the "We are real ladies" sketches) they are too over the top to be really offensive.

The "vomit" one involving different types of jams is my favourite so far.

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Anyone in england can become prime minister in england as long as they have a degree and aren't black.

Stuff like that, I know its mean't to be a joke and is very funny, but I am suprised there has never been any complaints :)

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