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Am i using Dual Channel?


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I recently built a computer and didnt really think about Dual Channel Memory mode when setting it up... i checked the diagram and i've confused myself with it.

my memory is installed in DIMM_A1 and DIMM_A2

am i running in dual channel or not? (diagram is attached..)




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I have recently been wondering that as well.

I have 8GB of RAM installed, never did any settings, assumed it was automatic.


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That is interesting that you bring this up. I assumed it was auto as well. I know when i made the move to Dual Channel, my Vista performance score for memory dropped by a bit. I found that some motherboards have a memory/FSB ratoio setting. If your FSB runs 533MHz, then set the ratio 3:4 to boost your RAM MHz. If it is 400MHz FSB, set it 1:1 so each channel of RAM will run at 400MHz, equalling 800MHz. The dual channel as far as i can conclude from my research is all auto, as each stick is handled independantly, giving access to each simotaneously.


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yeah ^^

u can check if its working with cpu-z
i agree to d/l the free program cpu-z. i have 8gb of memory also and when you open it..go to the "memory" tab and look for "dual." i have a 1066fsb(qx6700 quad) and have my memory running at 333mhz. are you saying my memory would be better at 266mhz timings instead?


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Yea I will have to look with that app, cause I have quad cores, and 1066 ram, and this and that and it's confusing. I will see what I can figure out.


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Thanks for the posts. i thought i was running in single mode and cpu-z confirmed this.

I will switch it over later to see if there is any performance increase.

what are the advantages?
128bit wide data requests - you double your data access speed which can result in significant performance gains in data hungry situations such as gaming or video production and data compression.

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