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Not sure if you had enough to drink?, here are 7 signs that will help you decide:

1. You argue about politics with a chair, and he wins. :confused:

2. Some pretty girl comes on to you, and you throw up on her. ;)

3.When your Cell phone rings, you gently cures him, and put him to sleep. :p

4. You hit your TV because she annoys you. :(

5. You start crying, and promise the TV it wont happen again. :(

6. The slice of lemon in your drink seems hilarious to you. :D

7. you look at the clock and think: it cant be a cow and a half already :confused:

(Tested and approved!!!, Totally Infantile, But true when your drunk.)


something doesnt work out. :)

but some of those do remind me of something , cant remember what though :confused:


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Originally posted by Benny
2. Some pretty girl comes on to you, and you throw up on her. ;)
ha ha ha ha

I did that

it was half price drinks all night dunno how much I drank but it was a lot :)

got chatting to a couple of girls invited them both back to my place
thought I was up for three in a bed :)

I was OK until I stepped outside my world started to spin
without warning a torrent of puke spewed from within

all I can remember is splattering the girl in front of me
& a load of other girls screeching and jumping back in horror

needless to say I went home alone that night

I can laugh about it now - but at the time it wasn't funny

:p :p :p


EP u got skills i guess :) or someone doing all that stufff for you?

btw just for record for me, it's only 1 child that is.

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