Air soft anybody?


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Does anybody play airsoft/paintball here? I just played for the first time ever. It is so much fun...hurts bad tho. I took a shot in the lip and the forhead. If anybody does play, how much do you play, and have you had any trophy shots?


Yah i use to play airsoft everyday and before that paintball.

as for trophy shots, I once was playing against my friends older brother. it was a three on three CQB match. It ended up me against my friends brother, we were both behind barrels on oppostite sides of the field. we were stuck there for a little bit until i figured out a pattern, he kept popping his head fromt he same spot so i got my paintballs directed at that specific shot. got his forehead and after an hour, it swelled to the size of a fist, it was hilarious, after that happened he went back to college, when he came back he came with a pro gun and kicked the **** out of me.


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tis good fun, although most places that run these paintball 'wars' insist on you wearing face mask, goggles and a helmet of some sorts (for obvious reasons)


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Whats the difference between airsoft and paintball?
Played painball few times, got shot in the face, but had a mask on. Taste of the paint sux tho :)


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Lukas said:
Whats the difference between airsoft and paintball?
Played painball few times, got shot in the face, but had a mask on. Taste of the paint sux tho :)

airsoft uses little 6mm BB's, they can get nasty too, I had a few break skin. I really should wear long sleeves when I play :p. I am going to invest in a mask soon, but for now its just funky looking safty glasses


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I used to play back in college, and it was great fun. Problem was that the nearest site was in the next town, so after transportation time and costs, it grew to be pretty expensive. I sold most of my gear a while back, it's a hellishly expensive hobby :)


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play every summer. i wear head/face protection, have to. it is A LOT of fun.

my best shot i guess: some guy rushed me hard. i was behind a log barrier. i heard him comming and just waited a few seconds. i popped up and just started unloading. i wasn't sure how close he was. i ended up hitting him about 4 times in the groin. he was almost crying. i felt bad about it, i didn't intentionaly hit him there, but i knew he was close and i just unloaded. he called 'HIT' and just layed on the ground for a few minutes almost crying. i appologized a few times.

alls fair in love and war i guess.

as for getting hit, i have had a few marks left, but most don't. i don't bruise easliy, and when i play i usualy wear a few layers even if its hot. i think mostly due to the excitment and adreniline, i don't feel it much until the next day, and even then, most of that pain is from all the running, jumping, diving, etc. sore muscules.


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LOL, wasn't expecting rep points for shooting someone in the groin. in that case, i'll have to do it this summer and post it so i get more!

thanks. ill let you know if i get another good shot.


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I had a good shot the other day playing airsoft. I shot at my friend and he tried to duck to aviod it, and I had shot low and it went right into his ear, its was from far away so it didnt hurt :). We got a good laugh out of it.

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