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Advanced proxy server?


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Question, currently I am running AnalogX's proxy server. works fine, but I want a proxy server with more controls. For instance, logging, and setting the custom port number. Also being mandotory for users to login would be very nice but i guess i could go with limiting access to the proxy by limiting the IP range. Free is better, but hey, if I have to pay, than let it be. Any programs out there that can do that?


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I have a two-way satellite ISP and in order for me to run multiple machines I have to have a proxy machine (need to have a machine to run software for satellite modem) and I have tried about every home and small business proxy server available and the best that I have come up with is WinProxy or Wingate. Unfortunately Wingate does not work well with my satellite modem software so I am forced to use Winproxy. Both do NAT, port forwarding, antivirus, site filtering, ip permissions, logging and more.


Apple lover, PC User
I will try winproxy. i tried wingate before (on my phoneline network, don't laugh) and it was ok, but the part of having to load the client software was a pain. you don't have to do that with winproxy, do you?:eek:

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