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Ads On Website


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I am going to be wanting to add ad's to my website. I know about Google Adsense which is alright, but are they types of ads you can get that are per-view and not per-click?

Does it cost money to have that (the pur-view kind) and anything else you can tell me about it would help. Now when you search Google for ads and website related, you find a bunch of, well crap. I can't make heads of any of it, or what is good and what is crap.

My question really is, does Google have a per view ad service? I can't seem to find anything on it, so I assume not.

Sorry for the unorganized post.

Electronic Punk

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Google is CPC all the time as far as I remember.
You do get the CPM but they are obvious alot lower.

You also get commission ones but I tend to avoid those.


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So what exactly do you have on these forums?

Where would I start? Thanks. Sorry, what is CPC & CPM, I assume the difference, but exactly? And I only see one on the adsense website.

What I am really looking for is how much would/could I make with it. Say I have 200unique hits a month?
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well poo on that...

Well where do I go on Googles site to find the Pay Per View version of adsense then, cause I can't seem to find anything on it.

I am doing up my job's budget for the year, and this is going to be part of it, how much is possible to make back. So need to find out as much as I can.



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There is no "pay per impression" from Google. Only per click. Even if you got 200 uniques, with pay per impression you'd be making almost zilch, at that point it becomes practically useless. Pay per click might get you some money, depending on the users.

Really, unless you get over a 1000 uniques a day, it becomes pennies.

Electronic Punk

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Not sure what these forums use - google always the same but the others vary.
I haven't had any time to review it all recently.

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