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Adobe Flash causing Firefox to freeze


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Hi everyone.

So a month ago I had a virus and eventually had to wipe my drive and reinstall Windows XP Pro. Started adding plug-ins and noticed that Flash was causing FF to freeze. This happens even when no flash is needed - not playing videos. It freezes for about a minute or 2 and then unfreezes. It freezes when any new page is opened and/or when a link is clicked. It does not freeze when using Explorer. I have uninstalled and reinstalled Flash but no go.

Anyone one else experience this? Any solutions to suggest?



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Since multiple version of both exist I would list what version of FF you are running as well as what version of flash.


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I am finding the same issue, especially with Firefox 4. In fact, there are a couple of things wrong with Firefox 4. I am about to ditch it and use Chrome full time.


OSNN One Post Wonder
Sorry for the delay. I am using Firefox 4 and my Flash version is

I see that Johnny has the same issue. Why would FF release this if there are so many issues? They built a pretty good rep and now risk losing a lot of users. I would have thought they would have tested better. Something as basic as Adobe Flash is used everywhere!


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Frankly, I wish silverlight would catch on more. It is a lot more smoother than Flash. It also doesn't crash your system, or cause your resources to dive bomb.

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