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Address Book


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Is there a free address book, that supports images, and all detail of a person.

Clean and nice interface and things like that...



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There is an address book in vista, but I never use it :(

I'll check on it when I get home.

Office Ultimate works just fine for me :D


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The address book built into Vista supports images. Office Outlook also supports images. Both support detailed information.


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He said free. If he is running XP then the one is Vista is not free. And Office Outlook wouldn't be free either if he doesn't have it. Maybe that's why he is asking for something FREE. Otherwise I really don't think he would be posting this. :D

Hey Bman, I found this page. Don't know anything about what's there but ya never know. They supposed to be free software.

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Thanks for the links and the help, yes I have XP, and have office, but they don't have an addressbook thing do they?

I will check these links out.


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Yea, that's what I thought, I don't use Outlook nor Outlook Express, just the other parts of Office. So hmmmm...


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I have found an alright small program that does everything well, but no image supported. I guess not the greatest loss, but would be nice to have.


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I don't need an email program, and it would be a lot of extra for being used as an address book, don't you think?


Bow Down to the King
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Depends on your needs. Too bad you didn't like Vista. The built in contacts seem rather nice and would meet all of your needs.


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It's not that I didn't like Vista, it's that Vista didn't like things I needed and such. Yes, I know I checked out Vista's contacts and space and all that, pretty good.

The program I have is small, so thats good, no pics, but a small loss. Maybe in the future I will find a better one, or I will end up getting Vista again once bugs have been fixed and blah blah.

Thanks for all the help guys once again!

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