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Ad blocking software!!!



I use WebWasher and ZoneAlarm Pro when I'm online. WebWasher filters banners and ads but ZoneAlarm Pro has the same thing under privacy called Ad Blocking.
I am wondering if I could use them both in the same time. I also have AdSubtract PRO which filters ads like WebWasher. PCWorld magazine gives a slight advantage to AdSubtract PRO but WebWasher is more controllable so I use WebWasher .Will using two or three of these ad blocking programs at the same time cause contra effect and is that possible because that programs are acting like a proxy servers.
What do you think which is the best ad blocking software?
By the way which is the best download manager GetRight, Download Accelerator Plus or Go!zzila?

kevin gould

I only use Adsgone and found that having multiples made no difference. I was never quite sure which product actual worked. I also use download accelerator and its by far the easiest.

Does this help or confuse. I no longer buy magazines as I found their reviews were never quite the same as mine, nothing like personal use.
The Proxomitron has many configurable ad blocks and works without a problem. You can also block your referrer site and last site visted for the ultimate paranoid privacy surfers. By the way, FREE...

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