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Active Desktop Newbie!!!

Right, I'm trying to make a sweet active desktop.
I have a few quesitons... maybe some of you nice people can help! :) I'm following madmatts tutorial <-- friggin' excellent! :D

How do I create a link to an actual dial up connection, for example when I click it, it brings up the dial up dialogue? It doesn't work with a normal shortcut because the shortcuts that windows makes to the connection isn't a direct path. It's a long string of text/numbers! :eek:

How do put the temperatures on the desktop? I guess you use samuarize... whatever. Things like that... is there anything else that takes up less system resources that will tell me the CPU temperature, oh and hdds space left/used?

How do I have a small 'notepad' type feature that has the button save to save it as a txt, can it bring up a save as dialogue?

That's all for now. ;) I'll probably be back! :happy:

Thanks to all of you in advance!
:( any other ideas anyone? i really need to know how to do the Dial up connection link.
And is there anyway I can implement a feature to tell me the speed i am connected at and the time i have been connected? :(


the dial-up connection-madmatt is still working on that

as for cpu temp,hdd space, connection stats etc, its all done using coolmon- u can find information on how to do it on the coolmon site and forums

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