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About A Boy [ The Movie Surprised Me ]



I was expecting another stupid, one dimensional, lame attempt at a comedy from Hugh (so lame I need to get it from a hooker) Grant. The reigning King of BAD romantic comedies.
To my surprise I watch a film that was thought provoking and genuienly funny. Hugh Grant was himself and I dont think it was a roll that was such a streach for him but all in all and very good film and a very nice ending. Worth seeing... only downside is the english slang. The DVD has a feature called English To English Translations.. that in itself is worth it.
Check it out if you have the time
I'm digging up this old post because I just watched a romantic comedy. "Two Weeks Notice".

Hmmm... For me, there's one thing that clearly separates romantic comdies from action, horror, suspense (basically OTHER) movies. It makes me want to watch another one.

The movie was great and I thought the leading characters were well played by Grant and Bullock. I think Hugh Grant makes nice romantic comedies. But "Two Weeks Notice" is my favorite one by him so far.

Any other modern romantic comedies recommendations? I feel like getting some more. Thanx. :)

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"Love Actually" ? :s
The guy from "My Family" is cool
He goes all the way over to America cos he thinks american girls dig english men and ends up in the middle of nowhere, cue the line "We are so poor we all sleep in the same bed and don't wear pyjamas... is that ok with you?"... Elisha Cuthbert, Shannon Elizabeth, Denise Richards - my word!

"Billy Mack : Hiya kids. Here is an important message from your Uncle Bill. Don't buy drugs. Become a pop star, and they give you them for free. "


damn... way to hijack a thread...

About a Boy was much better than 2 weeks notice. I saw that one also and thought it was lame. Hugh Grant was boring and Sandra Bullock acted like a moron in it. The story line was predictable and weak at best.
Hehe... this is a really old thread isn't it. Not anymore. :D
Well, I'll try "My Family".

I've already watched About A Boy, and I liked that as well.

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