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Guys my mother board doesnt turn on all i get is the green led and thats it. it use to i turned it on once in a comupter shop down town but how can i fix it? i can't return it here cuz i bought it in huston! They(as in people on different foums on the net) said updating the bios will help but think about it how can i update it if i cant turn it on!:mad: :mad: :mad: Plz guys help me my computer isnt working for this reason and i want to use it. i am behind schedule!


Dude... I have a smiliar problem too. I have an AMD Athlon XP 2100 and my my comp will turn on, but it'll auto-shut off after about 10 sec into boot time.
when i first booted in my A7V266, it took a while, give it a min, reset your BIOS and then try again. give it time, it takes longer then a normal


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i updated it

i updated the bois to 1.12 at a computer shop and it turns on there but when i get home it doesnt turn on anymore! and hte funny thing is i was there and the technitain did exactly what i do and it works with him and not with me!


lol maybe you got a dodgey power socket in the wall. Not sure that the saudis are to good at electrical stuff as when i was there there wee wires all over the place !


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what you can all do is clear your bios by shorting your Cbat... this will allow your computer to start with a clean, non-preset bios which you can then modify to suit your system requirements...

sometimes problems occur when overclocking or something else... just make sure that if you can't startup... clear your bios and start again..

to clear your cmos...


look on your mobo for a CBAT jumper... move the clip from the positon it is to the adjacent position... 3 pins normally... clip covers 2... move it from first 2 to next 2... therefore middle pin will always be covered...

once you move the clip... wait for around 1-2 mins... then replace the clip to original position and start your computer...

it will start and ask you to reenter bios settings...

and you are on your way..

NOTE this may help or may not... please DO refer to your mobo manual before doing this... NEVER do this while your computer is still on...


this is a basic guide.. please do at own risk... if you need to


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sazar where is the cbat i can't find it, and guys just a thought why does it turn on at the computer shops i visit and not at home? it use to turn on here! maybe its cuz they use 220 volts but i used 220 volts too but nothing!


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i think i have to re seat the motherboard. becuase when i put the pc together it was turning on, and when the guy at the shop put it together it started this crap.


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how can i do that on my motherboard!

can someone show me how to do that on my motherboard can someone supply me with a pic?


mafia69 I think sazar meant the cmos jumper not cbat
refer to your motherboard manual it will show u where it is on the mobo ,, should be next bios battery
have you another power supply unit
but your prob sounds like a faulty mainboard to me


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well it was turning on i think...

well it was turning on before and nothing was wrong! i think it was just when technitian took it apart and put it together he maybe got the screws touching the mother board so maybe thats why, something of that nature. the thing i think that is faulty is my visiontek xtasy geforce 4 4600ti.


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Well for now i get to use my sisters new hp pavilion ze1230 its cool the leds are blue and purple not green and red! it also has a good processor under the hood an amd 1400+ its great for a laptop!

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