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a "cure" for the hiccups


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A buddy of mine was in line with his brother at a grocery store a while back, and his brother got a violent attack of the hiccups... they just kept coming and he couldn't stop them. An older Asian man standing in line behind them noticed and asked the brother to reach out his right hand. He did, and the man rubbed the bottom joint of his little finger for a few seconds, only applying a bit of pressure. The hiccups immediately stopped.

When my buddy told me the story, I figured his brother was just caught off-guard by the strange situation and his hiccups stopped for that reason. But the next time I got the hiccups, I tried the same thing and it worked. Since then, I've told quite a few friends when they had hiccups and it worked for them as well. So I'm spreading the good news for anyone who might need it! Just take the thumb and index finger on your left hand and gently squeeze the bottom joint of the little finger on your right hand while rubbing in a circular motion. It should only take a few seconds to work! :D
Interesting. I'll be sure to try this out next time.

Is there some kind of scientific explanation for it though? *Heads over to Google*


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sounds good, I'll give it a try. I get the hiccups from time to time, and they take an age to go away (plus I tend to have them in public places and loud enough for people to thing I might actually explode)
There's always the drinking water upside down trick as well, but this sounds easier, and you don't need a glass of water (one is not always readily available.)
In this one, you're not actually upside down when drinking the water, just drinking from the opposite side of the glass, and then lean forward, bending at the waist. Almost like drinking from a water fountain which I find works well some times too. I'll have to give this pinky trick a try though!


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Wonder if this works something like acupuncture? I know that there is a nerve between your thumb and hand in that "web" like part (sorry lacking a way to describe it :p) that if you press that for a few secs/mins will relieve a headache. :)


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Ok, sounds excellent, and I'm gonna try it, but first get me pointed in the right direction. The first paragraph says index finger, but the second paragraph says little finger(i assume that as pinkie finger). I'm sooooo confused! :p

Or maybe I'm in for the "you shouldn't assume because it makes..."you know :rolleyes:


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Xie said:
Wonder if this works something like acupuncture? I know that there is a nerve between your thumb and hand in that "web" like part (sorry lacking a way to describe it :p) that if you press that for a few secs/mins will relieve a headache. :)
Yes, Acupressure
supposed to put your head between your legs and pour large quantities of water down their throat, I saw it done once in a cafeteria, must have been serious cause the paramedics came to take him away, something must have gone wrong at the hospital or something cause apparently he drowned :s
that's errm.... kinda odd. gonna have to try to remember that next time i get the hiccups.

and i second ThePatriot's question. is it the bottom of your little finger, or index/pointer finger?


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Sorry for the confusion there... it is the little (pinky) finger. I fixed the mistake in the first paragraph. :eek: Also, if anyone tries this out and it works, be sure to let me know!


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The hiccup cure is just all in your head. Some people can do any of the old tricks to "curing" hiccups. We talked about it in biolgy last week. Example...I give 10 people a pill to cure cancer then i give another 10 a sugar pill but they think its a cure for cancer pill. The first group had 6 people free of cancer after taking the pill. The second group had 5 people that were cured. The teacher said people have been cured by just takin sugar pills cause its all in your head its not really the pill. I know some of u prob think i am crazy and dont beleave me but i am not to sure about it either. So if i find proof later today after school or if u do please post it.

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