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9800 Core Temp??

Anyone know where the 9800 SE/Pro/XT Core temp should be around
i have a temp meter and when i place the little sensor between the gpu heatsink and the gpu processor it gives me a temp of 65*C, this seems like a LOT...that was with the case open and all i did was boot up the cpu
cpu and mobo run very cool however (see sig)
im thinking i had the sensor in tooooo far between the heat sink and the gpu core..i placed it inbetween the two from the side now and im getting a reading of 41.5*C which sounds resonable so i guess its all good


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not sure what the operating temps will be but I have seen some people running their gpu's @ around the 70C mark and higher...

not something I would recommend... just saying it has been done :) so its likely the pcb can handle higher temps...


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Some person posted this on another site. They have a 9800:

What are you getting for heat readings on your 9800
With modded cat 3.9's and overclock 360/281 I'm getting 45.3C at idle and 51.4C full load.
Has anyone else tested for heat readings.
And does anyone know the absolute temp that the R350 can handle.
Maybe you can use these as a guide?

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