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64 Boot Problem


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I spent several hours yesterday trying to figure this one out.

AMD 64 3200+
1GB Corsair
ATI RAD 128 9800 PRO
A-bit KV8PRO 3rd-Eye

The system is great had Windows XP Pro on this system working perfectly. Then came along Windows x64 Pro now this was easy, install and away we go. Of course I had all the new 64 drivers for all my hardware.

There was not a single problem through the whole of the installation process and then bang. The dam thing just boots itself over and over.

The exact point of it doing this is when Windows usually pops up with the XP splash screen, or the white line across the bottom if you ever see that anymore.

If you could help people I would love you for all time!!


Electronic Punk

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Nope, more fun than that.
The SATA drivers you are attempting to use are non correctly decorated.
The disk you inserted to manually add your SATA drivers was rubbish basically.
Put the attached files on a floppy:

Definatly suprising that VIA let this slide, but don' worry it sounds odd but I had exactly the same problem. The setup program can see the drivers, but the actual OS refuses to recognise the drivers and reboots.

You will need to start setup from scratch tho :(


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