62c too high for AMD Duron 1gig?



I was wondering if 62 degress Celsius is too high for an AMD Duron 1 ghz? If so, what would be an acceptable temperature?

The fan I got with the CPU is rated for an Athlon and was supplied to me by the computer store I purchased the MB and CPU from.

I've noticed lately that my case is making a loud humming noise and I thought it was the CPU fan. However, it's running over 6K RPM, so I've narrowed it down to the fan in my power supply which kind of sucks since the case is less than a year old.


I aggree, I'm only @ 48c with an 1800+. by my calculations, 68 c is about 154, way to high man. Check ur fans, add more, or go WATERCOOLING!!!!!


62c is high but shouldnt other things come into play besides the hsf?

such as his location...he could be living in death valley and he'd never get 45c with air cooling
is his room air conditioned?
but if u dont ever want to worry bout cpu temps get a vapochill

Get a P4 Northie and you won't have to worry about cpu temps. On the remote chance that it should start to overheat (due to fan failure) it'll lower it's clock speed to begin cooling down. This is all automatic so you can concentrate on the more enjoyable things in life.:)


a good operating range is 48 - 56 degrees. Thats the recommended range.

Lower is of course good also =P


Originally posted by SnookBooger
Are you flaming me again? I'm sure the mods will have something to say!:mad:
Snookbooger, catch23 alwaz flames.. when any1 talks about anyfink thats better than his misguided opinions..As a matter of fact AMDs put out more heat than Intels.. so AGAIN catch23 is talking poop!


Reply to Catch23

Why on earth would you compare the amount of heat that a Duron puts out to what a P4 puts out. That is like comparing Apples to Oranges. If anything you compare Celeron to a Duron and a Athlon to a P4. But then again who likes a AMD processor.

And Catch23 not everyone is dumb like you think that we are!!


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Yes, Durons put out a heck of a lot more heat than P4s.

The rated maximum temperature of most Durons is 90C (which is a bit of a joke). You probably don't wanna take it over 55, especially if you're overclocking. My Duron 750@900 tops out at about 53 under heavy load in these humid summers.

If you're not overclocking and you're getting temps in the 60s, there's something seriously wrong with your airflow -- my overclocked Duron keeps cool with nothing but a cheap Cooler Master HSF.


Looking at my system specs noted below, my system runs at the 60 degree Celcius mark after it's been up for a while. This is according to VCool! Is this ok? My room is fairly small where the PC is. It never has gone over 60 Degress Celcius.


Of course having better hardware always helps, but in my case using a small peice of shareware has done the trick nicely. My system used to run around 61 degrees centigrade, but while running CPUICE have dropped 20 degrees. Here is a link for it and another piece of software called CPUCooL, theywork great for my AMD Athlon 1.333 on XP.


try it out...what have you got to lose

Of course if anyone has any comment or suggestions about this or any other cooling software, I would love to hear them.

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Ok, I don't like this, this forum use to be 5-1 AMD over Intel, and then I read this post, well, how about this little tidbit:

As I'm sure ALL of you know, the Intel 64-bit Processor, will ONLY run a 64 bit operating system, and 64 bit programs, making it an absolute requirement that you have all the newest versions of every piece of software you will want or need to own, so all you Intel fans, kiss any program you have now good-bye, cause when you upgrade, you will not onlt be upgrading to an overpriced expensive CPU, but one that is basically a proprietary POS, since you will have to buy all 64-bit programs, which, will be also very expensive, along with a brand new copy of the Microsoft 64 bit OS.

The AMD 64 bit Opteron's processor however supports 64-bit, 32-bit, 24-bit, 16-bit etc. Meaning that you don't have to buy all new programs to run a top-end processor.

This taken from a recent AMD informational meeting in Salt Lake City, Utah:

Intel Sympathizer: What if competing CPU companies claim that the AMD processor does not support TRUE 64 bit??

AMD Representative: If that's the stand they are going to take, then we have already won.

And SnookBooger, saying that catch23, who obviously knows alot more than you about what he's talking about, should talk about potatoes instead of processors, is very childish and immature, it's very similar to me saying that people that live in the North Hemisphere are homosexuals, since, obviously it is not true, and is obviously VERY far from the truth.

And, since Intel uses burst technology, I'd much rather buy better cooling than have a P4 2 Ghz running at 1 Ghz because it got to hot...


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Clock speeds are mostly irrelevant and incomparable across different die designs where core temperature is concerned. Socket A Athlons and Durons do put out more heat than P4s, although I believe that old Slot A Athlons would run about the same as most Willamettes.

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