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600 pound woman dies


Dabba Dooba
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its funny and sad at the same time. I unno how she could just sit there for that long. How did she eat? Most likely she went to the bathroom where she was sitting. How did she pay bills? anything? seems like someone would notice that the grass was cut and the mail was stacking up in the mail box or someone would have went to see her. Its crazy out there...


Act your wage.
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Interesting you posted this because I just heard on the news today about a man who weighs 1,070 pounds. He hadn't left his home in 7 years and he hadn't been out of bed since sometime last Fall. Some group/organization was able to pay for him to get help, and so far he has lost around 350 pounds. He lives in Nebraska and they had to have a special ambulance travel from Denver, Colorado in order for him to travel to the hospital.

Son Goku

No lover of dogma
I've seen it before. Was heading into Dion's one day for a pizza...when this person who must have weighed at least 600 lbs was walking out. The person didn't have a belt, suspenders, or anything...and his pants fell down giving me more of a view then I bargained for :eek: I've seen a few others...

This guy was slightly heavier


This article alludes to a 1,400 lbs man



The Voices Talk to Me
you know, when I hear and read about this stuff, I have to wonder. How in gods name could you let yourself go like that! I understand there are ppl with medical problems, hell my fiance' have a thryoid problem so she is a little heavier than she would be normally, but damn when you can't even get off the damn coutch, you really need to do something about it.


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The question is ... how do you get to be like that? If I ate lard for the rest of my life, I don't think I'd even be 1/4 their weight. tsk tsk.


Unleashed said:
Yes he was televised on ch4 a couple of weeks ago, he eats in 1 sitting more than I eat in 2 weeks. His name is Jack he lives in Yorkshire he has a mass of 55 stones.

Example 10 cream cakes, after breakfast. Example, cream slices and those cream flute/cones.

Another one is Fat Barry from Birmingham.
Ok, that's just crazy. I really don't understand how people let them get that heavy. I mean her skin had "become one with the sofa" as they so pleasantly put it. That's just sick. You know you're becoming a "couch potato" when you are "one with the sofa" literally.


I saw this programme the other evening, where these massive fat Women with all their sags are fetish's for skinny men. When the men were on them humping away these women were like 6 times their size and the men just sunk into rolls of lardy flab, I had to be excused to go throw up in the bog.

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