58% of iPod owners likely to buy Zune

They did it to piss us off so we would upgrade when the next new generation came out.
Looks not to bad and you dont have to use stupid itunes. (yeah I know about the winamp)

Thats all that ipod users need :)

HOly cow!!
Golly Gee WIllikers!
I got an idea.
Its called a portable dvd player, or better yet, A latop!
I'll just be holding on to my Zen Micro for now. I wanted a Zune when I first saw it, but then they both play music, which is all I really want anyway. :)
I bought a car once and it got scratches on it -- I bet they did that just so I'd have to buy another car! :p

I'm not a fan of the two Zune commercials I've seen so far. I'm glad they're doing something different than Apple, but I can't say they are good either.
My iPod mini has worked well for about 2+ years now. Pretty beat up, but still works :D
I bought a black 5G 30GB iPod this spring. Then today at 230pm CT I bought a black Zune.

Still have the iPod, and its for sale!
my 4g ipod has been nothing but trouble. I'm waiting to see if a new updated Ipod (the rumored touch screen one or bigger screen one) comes out or I'll switch to a Zune.
my 4g ipod has been nothing but trouble. I'm waiting to see if a new updated Ipod (the rumored touch screen one or bigger screen one) comes out or I'll switch to a Zune.
well of course that ipod will come out.. it might be a year though! who knows.
My iaudio x5 is still kicking strong, but I might invest in something else soon.

Hopefully by then all these manufacturers will use the same interface to connect to things like PC's.
Well looks like Zune can't connect to WMP11, rather it has to connect to its own WMP11 lite --

Sadly something this petty means I am not gonna make the effort to get one, I even have a parent in the states returning this week, timing was ideal.

Good luck to those that get one!
See...the thing is is that when you are developing a product when there is already a big dog in town, you need your product to be better than the Big Dog's in every way. People look for different things when they are buying a product.

Some just want to be a part of the hype
Some like the style
some like the functionality

All of these are important when you are designing a package to compete with the iTunes/iPod juggernaut.
I might get one, and I'm an ipod user.

Although to be fair, I'm more of a creative supporter, so I'm more likely to get the next generation Zen gadget.

Thought: if we have Zen and Zune, will the Zing be the next device to be created? :D

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