533 MHz fsb, which memory?


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Hey folks,

I have a new mobo with a 533MHz fsb. I'm currently using PC2100 DDR RAM, which is 266MHz. I'm thinking about getting PC2700 DDR RAM which is 333Mhz. Apparently there is no 533 MHz DDR RAM available. First: Can I use 333Mhz RAM on a 533 fsb and secondly, would I notice any difference?




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yes u can use it.

as far as the difference in performance, there is a difference in the speed, but in most applications u won't notice that much of a diiference, really ur call.

The 533MHz fsb is for the CPU. If your board can handle 333MHz memory then you can buy it. Since there is no 533MHz memory your board will not support it if they start selling 533MHz memory in the future.


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Finally got an answer.

I finally found an answer from Tom's Hardware.

"while the 845E supports the 533MHz front side bus for Northwood B Pentium 4s, the new memory controller hub (MCH) on 845E does not support PC2700 DDR."

SO there ya go. Bummage.

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