40.72 det and refresh rate problem



hey all couldnt really decide which forum to post this in but i thought this may been the most appropriate :rolleyes:

anyway i just installed the new 40.72 nvidia det driver and now i can't get any higher than 75hertz on my monitor
before i installed this driver i could get 85hertz or more
anyone know a fix for this? or know where i could download that nvidia refresh rate fix proggy that was released a while ago? also will this program work with the updated drivers?

oh also im using winxp

any help appreciated
75hertz is killing my eyes


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hey akuma, if you give me your e-mailaddress and or mail me then i e-mail you that new refresh rate proggy for n-vidia, my e-mail address is in my sig :D



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Try Refresh Lock

Or just download my attachment its called refresh lock and works with all nvidia drivers even 40.72 i use it and its never messed up yet.


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nvidia refresh rate tool 2.01

or download the nvidia refresh rate tool 2.01 here, good idea to add a attachement bonytony, didnt know that was possible, me bit new here :D



hey guys just an update on my situation
that program didn't work for me but anyway

i reinstalled 30.82 and what do you know i could get 85hertz again :D
thats quite strange maybe a bug in the new 40.72?
ive got a crappy gf2mx200 btw :( anyone else with the same card experience any similar problems?


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i have the Geforce 2 mx200 it's a pretty good card:p i'm still on the 28's cus they work jus fine. i can get upto 100herzt but i keep it on 60herzt:D
The NVIDIA 30's thru 40's are optimized for the GF 3's and GF 4's, I believe. On my GF2 GTS the 29.42's look better than the 30.82's, which seemed to have a slight greenish cast.

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