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3rd party Voodoo 5 5500 AGP??



OK, I have gotten a third party VOODOO5 5500 driver that works great in XP, it's the DOZER 1.1 drivers from Voodoofiles.com, I was wondering if anyone out there knows of any other websites that post 3rd party drivers for 3dfx products because I still have seen my Voodoo benchmark much faster under 98SE than XP..

just hoping....


Of course your voodoo card is faster under 98 than XP, cos XP doesnt officially support the voodoo card.

I'd hate to think what hacking has gone on with those drivers, or what mis-mash of files they are.

3Dfx is dead, may they RIP.

I'd really think about upgrading your card to at least one that has xp support.

Most new games are geforce/ati radeon optimised so as time goes on your gonna get stuck.

Save those pennies!! :)


Well XP DOES TOO support the voodoo5 5500, matter of fact they have their own drivers for it, But .... I understand that the company is dead, I also understand that there are better cards, but unless this one dies or completely stops working all together I see no point in throwing it in the trashcan.

I can still play my favorite games , UT, Halflife, and NASCAR all with NO FRAME LOSS.. and even run them in 1024X768 75hz, and I get about 35 FPS in UT, under Glide.. shoot me if I'm wrong here, but 35 FPS is GOOD ENOUGH...

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