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3Ghz with a 4000+


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Finally got my 3Ghz or 2.979 if you will. With 1T timings.


almost 11K now on 3D05, but Overclocker doesn't work with 6.4 cats for me. So back to 6.3 I go to get my 740-820. Flashed the X1800XTPE BIOS and changed up the fan settings to make it a bit quieter.



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Bagh!!! Mushroom cloud.

3.1Ghz kinda stable a bit warm though 116F mild load, 1.65vcore.

But still with tight memory timings so that could be a cause. Cooling is a Freezer Pro 64 lapped down to almost mirror shine that blows into a 120MM fan. I want liquid though. And I know where I can get some cool radiators, 12"X12" dual 1/4 pipe. Do a little side cutout and paint and a LED and I could be in business.

Pump $36
CPU Block $40ish
GPU Block $30ish
Northbridge block ??? Still trying to find one that will fit under the video card :(

And a homemeade Resovoir.


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I have it clocked down as it was getting to warm for my taste, and F@H was dumping some of the larger-complex WU's at that speed, plus I am trying a different memory divider.

I have a pic of the CPU somewhere in this box, but can't find it anywhere...... :dead:



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Yeah, thats the one.

You will need to lapp down the base a bit as it still has the rough machining marks on it. A bit of 400 grit sandpaper then a bit of 1000 and some oil will do the trick. Clean it well and use AS5. I used my fine wet honing stone as it is very flat and will polish, then I used some mothers aluminum wheel polish to get the mirror shine to it.

Make sure to apply AS5 to BOTH surfaces, the base and the CPU, and spread it out evenly, just enough to cover the color of the metal. Then a rice grain size drop in the middle of the CPU and mount it. It will run warm for the first few hours till it squeezes out the excess material.

You can also lapp the top of the CPU as the IHS is copper and quite thick.


You might have a case where the TIM between the core and the IHS has a air pocket in it. I have seen pics of ths happening, where the core is making no contact at up to 10% of the surface area with the IHS. That poses a larger OC-Temp problem.

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