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3D web browser


Tomorrow Tweaking Today
The idea behind the CubicEye is to organize that messy pile of web pages and applications on your computer desktop into a coherent, easy-to-navigate cube.

Arrange your cubes by thematic or functional subject matter. Explore them either individually or collectively - as part of a more comprehensive structure of multiple cubes representing your various areas of interest.

CubicEye Tools allow webmasters and software developers to organize their content, functions, and interfaces into single or multiple cubes, taking advantage of not only the surfaces of the cubes, but the space inside as well, for the display and manipulation of both content and data.

Cool! I remembered seeing that a few months ago and spent a while looking for it, but gave up when I couldn't remember what it was called and didn't feel like sifting through google hits.

I knew it would surface again somewhere and here it is. Thanks. :)
Wonder why it should load pages slowly. It's just a frontend for Internet Explorer.
Haven't given it a try yet, but I might sometime soon.
No, the pages load ok, they just don't scroll well and rollovers respond slow to the mouse. It must be because of the image/font scaling. I did notice the pages aren't as "clean" as they normally appear in IE.

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