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360 Game Backup


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Now I am used to PC games, were I can install a No/DVD crack so that I don't need to use the CD/DVD's. Now that I have a 360 I have to change that. One good reason I like PC games is that since I can do the hack, I don't have to keep using my disc and laying them around, usage, damage, and all that.

I was wondering (yes I searched google, there are many) what the best and easiest way is to #1 backup your 360 games to HDD (computer) and #2 being able to play those games (offline and online if possible).

Google seems to have many ways, some I understand and some I don't. Looking for the best and fastest solution from my OSNN buddies lol


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I assume that is because they are trying to stop pirates.

hmm, I really would just like to use burned copies, so I dont have to worry about scratches and other things. In the other topic I asked if I get achievements offline, and go online, if they update, I was told yes. Would this work with using the burned copies offline, and once I do go online it updates? Or no.

And I don't see suggestions for backup and such...lol
If you hack your xbox to use copied discs you will be banned from xbox live.

If you want to use xbox live you cannot backup your games.

End of story.


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Alright, let me ask the technical question of it.

This might be a stupid question, and I might know already. How does the 360 and LIVE know it's a burned disc. I guess I won't backup my games then.

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