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2findmp3 v7.0


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Has anyone got the above app working on XP? I read somewhere else that someone had to reinstall XP as it caused a major problem.

I am currently using Kazaa Lite (very good), but want something else as well.

Comments welcome.

Thanks in advance


audiogalaxy is the best mp3 finder out there, that and newsgroups. if you're on cable you can get crazy speeds, like 250kbps over 5 transfers, its just nuts.

- cam


OSNN Addict

Do either of these apps have spyware built in ?

I tried WinMX and thought it did, maybe I am wrong.

Will have a look at both, thanks
for mp3's I personally use either IRC or Grokster. I hate audiogalaxy all it finds is mp3's and the time it takes to get the search results I can have already downloaded the files off grokster :)

but nothing beats IRC for transfer speed..if you know the right places and rooms, you can find DCC server running on college connections that max out any connection you have

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