2005 Mobo Nominations

Which Mobo Maker is the Best?

  • Abit

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  • Albertron

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  • AOpen

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  • Asrock

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  • Biostar

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  • Chaintech

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  • ECS

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  • Epox

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  • EVga

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  • Foxconn

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  • Jetway

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  • Mach Speed

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  • MSI

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  • PCChips

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  • Sapphire

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  • Soltek

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  • Tul

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Ok I and no doubt others are confounded by the amount of boards that are out there, so i thought what better way than having a poll of your mobo's (no i siad mobo not mojo, of which i have plenty, being english and all haha:laugh: ).

So in the poll above select which maker you think is the best, and then post the mobo you own with model and the pros and any cons you have with the board and if possible the price, Also include the socket type as well.

The winner gets, well a warm handshake and merry christmas.
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hey muzi, let us know what board you have with pros and cons as well as price. thanks for the vote.


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Well I've got a Mac now so it won't really apply. I've had good experience with ASUS boards, which is why I chose it. I've had a bad experience with MSI and my brother had bad luck with a Gigabyte, otherwise those two would have also been in the running for my vote.

I can't recommend a current model because I don't have experience with them. My vote was based on perceived manufacturing quality based on past experience. :)
Voted for ASUS, mainly based on my experience with my old desktop that's now being used by my parents.

It's an ASUS P3B-f board (Slot 1 Pentium III) and it's been running for about 7 years now. Very solid board with some great features for its time.

My new desktop which I built in November has an ASUS A8N-SLi Deluxe board (Socket 939 AMD64) and although I haven't really had a chance to use the system much yet (it's at home, will be bringing it back in January), it looks like another good, reliable board and has received good reviews everywhere.


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well it looks like asus is ahead right now!

I was just looking at their boards on newegg, pretty good reviews there.


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Asus P4B 266C, P4C-800E, P4S-800, P4P-800 I think..

All built by me all running like scalded dawgs...

My P4C-800E DELUXE is what I use...


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i vote asus

there is a reason they are the biggest motherboard supplier in the world, the sell the best motherboards

i have a a8n sli deluxe

pros: every option you can get , fast, reliable, looks goodstable and a good overclocker

cons:had to switch out the chipset fan(replacement was free but it was a hassel) cost me $170 when i bought it


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I voted Asus, I have owned a few of their boards through the years and never had a issue with any of them. Great boards!

iceman7311 said:
cons:had to switch out the chipset fan(replacement was free but it was a hassel) cost me $170 when i bought it
Same here, but that new chipset fan is a lot better then the old one... it doesnt scream like the old one did.
i always go with asus. i have tried the others at work but i seem to have less problems with asus. all my my personal servers at home are asus and never had an issue.

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