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2 remote desktop machines behind 1 router


Overclocked Like A Mother
Hi all,

I have 2 machines behind 1 router that I would like to remote desktop. Each machine has it's own IP address, and I will port forward them in the router later.

My question is:

When I open RDP from my win7 machine, how can I decipher which machine I would like to remote desktop?

1 is a win2008server, the other is a xp Pro machine. There is NO Domain controller or active directory setup in this workgroup, just a bunch of file sharing machines and a file sharing server.



Admiral Michael

Michaelsoft Systems CEO
You can't. What I do is assign each computer a different port. In a Linksys router you can specify the external port and the internal port.

So for CompA the external port can be something like 3500 and internal is 3389.

CompB would be 3501 external and 3389 internal.

3389 is the default port for remote desktop. If your router doesn't have this method then you can change the port the actual machine listens on via the registry.

WHen you load up the remote desktop software just do IPADDRESS:pORT so:

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