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2 questions regarding msn and IE



My msn eplorer 8 has been acting up latley, when i load it the colors look plain and different, when i check mail i can see anything on the inbox unless i highlight it. Any ides? And if i uninstall msn eplorer will my msn/broadband connection be messed up?
next quetion
my internet explorer doesnt seem to be loading up, when i load it it doesnt do anything to load. Nad even when i clcik on links?... any ideas?



Check your system resources. If they're too low, MSN 8 can act screwy like that. You don't need any MSN software for your MSN connection to work. IE should work fine. Don't know what's going on with your IE, maybe try a repair on it. Are you connected to the Internet OK? Are you using the Arescom modem or DSL 1000?


What OS are you on? If XP, you could try a system restore to when IE was working correctly. As you probably know, MSN 8 is just a fancy shell for IE, so if IE is broken, so is MSN 8. I would either try to restore your system to a point before IE went south, or do a repair on IE. Repairing IE is easy on OS' before XP. With XP it is a little more involved and requires a registry edit. You can do a Google search for "IE repair in Windows XP". I did this and it took me to the right place. Hope that helps.

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