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2 Little Things

2 little things really.... not gripes complints nor problems...just things ;)....

1. Why does the register button still show when you're logged in?


2. Can I have a New Active Threads link accessible from all pages please?....pretty please. *grovels in an undignified manner*

Dunno if these have been mentioned before but then I always err on the side of caution ;)


I may actually be insane.
1. Because vB is crap.
2. Use the "Links" bar on your browser, I have three links for this site..
The front page
New topis
Control panel

Perris Calderon

Staff member
Political User
just right click on the active threads link, get the properties, make a shortcut or a link.

or you can add a button to your toolbar
Thanks for the replies.

I've already seen others who have the link embedded into their sigs. I'm also aware how to make a shortcut/toolbar. This isn't really what I was asking, but hey at least you guys bothered to reply ;).

I thought this forum was about "things" (that word again :D)regarding the site, problems with it and ideas for improvement..
Not botching Windows to compensate vB's flaws. Oh well. :(

Thanks for the "help", but I'd already worked the supplied solutions out. I thought there may be a way of doing this centrally.

I log onto NTFS.org from different locations so ya see the links/toolbars idea ain't always practical. Sure I could embed the link into my sig, but I use my sigs on other forums...not just NTFS.org so would rather not have to have multiple versions of each sig on my webspace.

If putting the Active threads link on a page is a biggy, then forget I asked. I really never thought it could be that hard to whack that code in there. Thought it would be a simple beneficial change for a few people. (Judging by the embedded sigs...I'm not alone!?!)

Forget logging out to view the link GoNz0, how the hell can I reply logged out?

Bah!. Back to the old drawing board......

EDIT:- Popped the link in under my sig. I guess that's what some of you were referring to in the first place anyhow. Works okay so I guess the problem is eliminated. Maybe the Active Threads link could be included in the page in in the next revision of the interface/site?
thanks again :D

Perris Calderon

Staff member
Political User
pm ep...I think it's a fine idea, and he might also.

he doesn't get a chance to read all of these posts, so send the suggestion on to him
Originally posted by dealer
pm ep...I think it's a fine idea, and he might also.

he doesn't get a chance to read all of these posts, so send the suggestion on to him
hey dealer thanks for the positive feedback.
I've PM'ed EP so i'll wait till he gets a look at it and replies ;)

Electronic Punk

Staff member
Political User
Oooh eer, I am all open to suggestions.

The header template is fairly static, so having a different one for a logged in user and one that is logged out isn't possible, the only way I could do it would be to modify the function and add something so it would only appear if you were not logged in.

I guess I could replace "register" with something, tho "new posts" seems a little long.. I am sure I will think of something.

I don't want to go nuts with the custom forum hacks etc. at the moment as vb3's arrival isn't going to be too far away. Its on beta4 on their forums and I am going to start taking a look at it once it reaches the release candidate stage.
Sounds good EP! :D :cool:

I imagine keeping a site like this together and running is time consuming enough in itself. As I mentioned it's no biggy so don't sweat it mate :)
I wasn't aware that a new version of vBulletin was near completion. Hopefully they'll have some nice surprises for us all :D I'm no coder so I'll trust your judgement on that ;)

As the new version is soon to be released I ain't suggesting you change a thing yet. But purely out of curiosity; would it not be possible to add the active threads link to the Forum Jump drop down menu? Or is this menu too part of the template? Or require delving into major hack territory?

Sorry if this seems naive to some, but I don't know much about PHP or vBulletin :eek:


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