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2 DSL Lines, 1 Home Network...



Alrighty, here's what I've got going on... there are 3 of us in the household, and 5 pc's. They are all networked and sharing 1 DSL line through a Linksys router, which is also handing out dhcp addresses. Due to bandwidth limitations (3 hardcore gamers, and visitors almost every weekend), I have ordered a 2nd dsl line that I would like to use for 3 of the 5 pc's.... but I would like to keep them all networked and in the same workgroup... preferably still getting dhcp addresses from the Linksys.

Any suggestions???
That could be really tricky. I'm not sure it can be done easily. Not getting DHCP from the Linksys anyway since that also sets Default Gateway. Can't you just get faster speed on the connection you have?


I tried faster speed service with Speakeasy and it just didn't turn out to be what i was looking for. With two lines i will actually be spending less than that line was and will have 2 lines @ 1.5\128. Im thinking i might make a 6th machine a win2k server and create my own domain with a dhcp scope and all of that good stuff. Do you think if i do so i can share a connect from there and share a connect through the linksys?
If you have a Win2k server you can skip the Linksys alltogether. Give the server three NIC:s (two DSL, one LAN) and try to route it that way. Should work somehow (never done it though). With all the domain stuff you can control most things.

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