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106° heat index today


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Its going to be soo hot here to day in Michigan, and the mid-west region.
105° heat index. They issued warrings not to go outside today because of the extreme heat and humid conditions. I have to say even this morning at 9 am if you walk outside from the air conditioning is very hard to breathe...kinda scary.....:eek:


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muzikool said:
Wow, never heard of it getting that hot up there! :eek:
The day of my wedding it was 114 with the heat index in Iowa. It was the hottest day of the year. That was on july 24 of 1999.
today here in southern ontario its 102 right now, and expected to go to 105.8 later in the afternoon,

the day that i definitly do not bike to work. lol i will turn into KFC


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tdinc said:
They issued warnings not to go outside today because of the extreme heat and humid conditions.
Wow, I am a bit surprised at the warning. That is pretty much a normal day here this time of year.

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It's been a weird year. My father (who lives up in Maine now) had been mentioning how unusually cool it has been this year. On the other hand, for us, it's been rather hot for us...

BTW, 105 degrees in Ontario about says it all ;)
I liked the Oregon coast the best...sure, you had rain to deal with, but you don't have to shovel it. Plus summers don't get much hotter than 80.

Son Goku

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You guys want to hear a bad one... My tia chi teachers have a sifu who lives in Hong Kong. Mind you, Hong Kong gets bad in the summer, and isn't exactly Siberia... Lets just say my teacher's plan their vacation there around the school break in December/January. (Which also works, as it gives them time to get to his birthday party...)

Anyhow, their sifu had come this way sometime back (before I was taking their classes). The only thing was, Chung Tin's son lives in Pheonix, AZ... So after comming out here, (and the weather here in Albuq he liked), we went to visit his son. It was fricken hot, too hot for the guy (who's 90 years old now) to take...

Lets just say that after he got home, he informed us he wouldn't be comming to the US again. Reason being, if he did, he'd have to visit his son, and he just can't take that heat...

Yeah, it gets hot down here (mitigated somewhat in Albuq by the fact we're almost 7,000 ft above sea level). AZ and eastern Cali (ala near death valley) are the worst though... In fact it's so bad around the latter, a college roomate who drove here from Cali told us how tires melted on the interstate running from Cali into AZ (which he took to get here), and how they had to have emergency patrols run through their a lot, as people's cars routinely over-heated and got stuck...

All said, mountains or not, we have seen several days in the 100s this year...
Been about 78 here in the UK....but that is pretty good for england, but it does seem to be getting hotter for longer every year.
We did have 93.4 one day last week, but it is a different sort of heat over here.
I can't handle 93 over here, but when in the States it feels more comfortable
Nick M said:
You should visit mother Russia; 14F in the winter time :p
Whats wrong w/ 14F? I would take that over 75+F any day of the year. :) Oh and heat index is 97F right now. Been hotter then hell since I got up @ 9am today. :( It's been so hot lately I feel I've moved south. :(

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