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    XP Mode

    Thanks AZ & Sazar I opted out of Windows 7 64 bit / XP dual boot as I regularly got into a reboot loop situation when trying to access the XP partition. So from that view point at least XP mode is much better. The games used are quite basic from a rendering angle , and tend to be dated from...
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    XP Mode

    I have a problem that Windows 7 XP Mode runs in "maximised " window mode for the desktop screen and browsers , but not for any games that are set for this function. They loaded correctly in XP itself when in separate dual boot mode. Video card is Radeon HIS 5770 1 GB. XP mode is set for 512 mb...
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    Sync tools for windows 7?

    Puresync is free.. works with Windows 7 and should do what you want.
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    Microsoft Partner Program Windows 7 DVD(s)

    A friend has gone on holiday and asked me to install above on dual boot with Vista. No problem , but they did not have reg key (s) on receiving box of subscription DVDs, including Office & Windows 7 etc. Previously they has Partner discs from Microsoft for Vista, and reg keys in the box. I have...
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    News Microsoft bets on Windows success

    My Photosmart C6380 worked normally on RC1 64 bit and as you say ok on a wireless network connection only, on the full version.... b4 the update, (minus the correct printer icon.)
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    News Microsoft bets on Windows success

    Im happier that HP have now issued their drivers
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    News Microsoft bets on Windows success

    9 out of 10 for the operating system itself. Its the hardware support that could be the killer
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    Windows 7 Received early

    For some reasons received Windows 7 Home Premium full version yesterday rather than after 22/10. After loading 64 bit on dual boot with XP noticed 2 problems not seen in RC1. Kaspersky security 2009 does not work ( update to 2010 resolved this) and problems with loading very recent HP scanner...
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    Windows 7 Inside Out

    Sometimes there are obscure processes " under the bonnet" and this is the best book to find them !
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    Windows 7 Inside Out

    Thought there was just the retail copy ...out a couple of weeks or less I believe in UK
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    Windows 7 Inside Out

    Just bought my copy ... early xmas present Bargain @ £24.84 post paid from Amazon Any else got one yet ?
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    help me with different versions

    As far as the "OEM" version of Vista is concerned, I have reinstalled more than 10 times and changed the hardware .......... no problem with new activation code via Microsoft. Hopefully Windows 7 OEM will be the same . I managed to order Windows 7 full version @ £44.99 so should receive 32 / 64...
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    Cannot get eSATA past 45MB/s

    I have an Abit IP Pro motherboard that does not recognise an E Sata externally connected H/D in Windows 7 64 bit at all, works in other versions of Windows @ max speed with no problems. May be work in progess issue ?
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    Anyone Tried Old XP Games on 7

    No problem with "Pinball" for example, using Windows 98 compatibility mode