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    Windows 7 - First Impressions

    I've had a few software crashes with Win7 much to my dismay. IE crashed (not surprised) but I think that had to do with a bad website or something, and the real bummber was the Windows Speech Recognition software, I had high hopes for that. But otherwise, as previously stated it is fast, and I...
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    .: NvNews / OSNN / SP Folding Thread :.

    Scroll down a little ways to "Installation for a multi-GPU system"... Folding@home - WinGPUGuide Dummy plugs are needed for Vista and Win7 but not XP. There is no info on that page about how to make dummy plugs, but an easy how-to can be found here... The 30 Second Dummy Plug -...
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    .: NvNews / OSNN / SP Folding Thread :.

    That's what the "dummy" plugs are for. I'll have to look for the write up on it on the fah forum.
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    .: NvNews / OSNN / SP Folding Thread :.

    You have to un-SLi the cards, make a "dummy plug" for the lower GPU(s) video outputs, install 2 clients in seperate folders, config with the "-local" flag...I'm sure there's more. I'll have to check the "other" forum I go to for exact details. In other words, it's a PITA. :laugh:
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    .: NvNews / OSNN / SP Folding Thread :.

    Use fahmon to monitor progress/ppd...
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    A geeks worst nightmare (true BLAG horror)

    I do computer-controlled video surveillance systems and one of the key features I like about some of these setups is the ability to ftp images to a remote server, so you could have a cam set up at your computer system and if they stole it, the last images would show who did it. Of course...
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    Computer Is Going Nuts

    There's many different capacitors on the board that control many different things. The BIOS may still be functional but the power to the graphics or something else may be gone.
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    Computer Is Going Nuts

    Usually when the CPU fan is running at 100% it has to do with a dislodged heatsink. Barring that, the mobo is b0rked. :cry: Check the mainboard for bad capacitors by looking for bulging domes, maybe with splits in the top with brown electrolyte leaking from it, or with electrolyte leaking from...
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    Computer Is Going Nuts

    I second the CPU cooler, stock HS/F and aftermarket units that use the push-clip type retainers come loose easily if jarred. Make sure the pin is rotated all the way clockwise before trying to push it back in. Sometimes they are hard to push till they "click", if it seems like it is going in but...
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    Fixed We have a spammer in the news section ..

    I admin a couple forums and had a spammer show up advertising a software that can get around captcha, just a heads-up. They've really been picking up lately, seeding a lot of usernames. Probably going to be another big wave of spam hit like it did last year.
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    Wireless Network

    Maybe the network admin or router's default value for number of DHCP addresses has been exceeded. Try a static IP in the upper range so you dont conflict with anyone.
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    When fishing goes bad...

    YYEEEOUCH D00D! :eek: Usually when I'm flyfishing I catch my hat, or tree limb (tree trout), or hear the fly go zipping by uncomfortably close to my ear, or tie a perfect un-untie-able wind knot! :laugh: Just today I had a nice rainbow spit the hook. Once I finally do get one in I think it will...
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    Something wrong in Live Mail

    According to Micro$oft, the problem is now fixed.
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    Wireless Speakers (and mice and keyboards and...)

    If you go anything wireless- headphones, keyboard, mouse definately go Bluetooth. I have a Microsoft Wireless Desktop for Bluetooth setup, keyboard sips on the batteries, the mouse eats 2 AA's a month. :eek: So I just ran a USB extension cord (concealed, of course) to a 4-port hub for my G5...
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    System Tray App

    TrayIt will automatically minimize an app that is usually in the task bar to the system tray instead. I think that's what you're talking about.