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    New Computer

    Hello All, Its been a while since i've posted here. I hope to be back much more now! I have decided to get myself i new computer :) Here is what I was thinking Pentium 4 3.0E ghz 512 MB DDR PC 3200 80 GB Hardrive ATI Radeon 9800 Pro Does anybody have an estimate on what my...
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    Post Your Case

    damn u have a nice system. :P
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    i got a new monitor and it feels great

    /me got a 17" Dell @ 1280 x 1024
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    Great to be here!

    Welcome, altho i perfer Invision Board!
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    logo ball (logo balls?)

    I agree that the letters look too cramped.
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    Dell Launches iPod rival

    the only thing the DJ doesn't have is the name apple behind it.
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    I want to completely clean out my PC. But What do i need?

    Give me a R Give me a E Give me a F Give me a O Give me a R Give me a M Give me a A Give me a T ... What does that SPELL REFORMAT
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    I'm Getting These Shoes!!!

    i must say that those shoes are god aufle ugly. Well, i guess they just arn't my style.
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    Almost what I want

    i am earning me inspirion 1100
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    How much spam do you get?

    any1 use mailwasher?
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    Unofficial Windows98SE Service Pack

    can people re-distribut microsoft hot fixes?
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    How much spam do you get?

    i end up with around 1-10 messages per day.
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    How much spam do you get?

    How much spam do you get per day?
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    Which search engine is best?