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    The Official “New To This Community” Thread

    since i didnt want to start a "returning to this community" thread... hello world! :)
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    Official OSNN Grammar Improvement Thread

    sandALS. my first post in about four years, and this was the best I could do... :suprised: oh for shame! hehe :p (thanks for the e-mail EP :))
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    Having intermittent issues with online access with Vista

    sorry now chaps but i have to chip in here and say that norton 360 is a VAST improvement over its predecessors in xp. i still use 360 in xp because i can get over the "ccApp.exe" issue that happens when i shut down. now, you say you upgraded to vista, does this mean you were using xp/360 combo...
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    Concurrent Remote Desktop for Windows Vista

    i've never seen so many one post wonders in one thread! cant all have come here from google! :p
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    Stupid Test

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    Clever Irishman

    SO irish i cant even tell u! :D
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    Mouth Eye Pictures

    im just lucky i didnt puke all over my keyboard after seein them pics! warnings people, please!! now i hafta go clean up this mess! :(
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    Is there a vista address bar mod for XP

    i think this is more what you meant?
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    Kids Books

    well, at least you posted a big fat warning! :D
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    Hawaii Chair

    a word of warning before buying one of these chairs- RAI- Repeditive Ass Injury!! lol :D
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    Not an issue time-out annoyance while typing posts!

    seems the problem was IE7 and vista all along. i was still having the login problem here but i decided to put up with it, just assumed first off it was this site because this site is the only one that i log in on. i was on the dell outlet site today and "internet explorer has stopped working"...
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    wireless lan causes vista bluescreen

    Re: got my box back just read through this thread again to refresh myself, is there any way perris you could borrow a router off a friend for a week just to set it up and see what happens?
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    wireless lan causes vista bluescreen

    Re: got my box back GUYS!! cool down! geez... :crosseyed: anyway, how to capture BSOD: perris did you try removing the card yourself and reseating it? maybe the contacts could be dirty or maybe the...
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    Boobs, Bum, or Shoulder ?

    hmmm, maybe i should try it with the lights ON in future... :P
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    Not an issue time-out annoyance while typing posts!

    it is, so i added * to the list of allowed sites, we'll see how that goes. just ticked that now, i was about to ask where was it because i logged out on purpose to log back in and click it but i got to it when i refreshed the page to post :)