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    Too much hard drive activity! How can I stop it?

    Ahh, 1GB (2x 512MB). 3GHz CPU. Err.
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    Too much hard drive activity! How can I stop it?

    My hard drive is constantly click away. 20GB of the 80GB is used so theres plenty of space. It keeps working away when Im using the computer, not when its idle. I have closed Windows Desktop Search as I thought it was indexing and its still working away. So its not that. It even did this...
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    Sick of Flash crashing all the browsers!

    Thanks for the help guys. The un-installer came in handy. Im stuffing Flash. I un-installed and updated, crashed. Tried again, worked fine but there was an error with the eBay toolbar. Uninstalled that and tried again. Nope. Ive had it :dead:
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    Sick of Flash crashing all the browsers!

    I think theres a conpiracy against me. Adobes site wont load up for me! I like the spell check feature by the way!
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    Sick of Flash crashing all the browsers!

    Strange. Now, Im wondering, my system doesnt have a graphics card, its using the onboard graphics. I dont suppose that would make any difference?
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    Sick of Flash crashing all the browsers!

    I really loath flash and this is just taking the piss >_< I use IE7, Opera 9.02 and FF 2 and Flash keeps crashing all three! IE gets an error, Opera lags like hell and then stops responding and FF become in operable. Ive disabled all add-ons for FF and disable Flash on IE but some sites...
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    Vista Transformation Pack 6.0 is Released

    It didnt work too well for me as there were two taskbar buttons. One on the bottom which is useless for me as I have the taskbar at the top. It caused problems for maximised windows as there would be a gap at the bottom of the screen. Uninstalling was fine until I rebooted. It wouldnt load up...
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    If you get vista, when will you get it?

    Im going to wait for the OS after Vista. I have WinXPPro and it seems dandy just now on my current machine. I tried Vista throughout the betas, even the early Longhorn releases. I found the interface is really appealing and the layout more organised but not worth me spending so much on...
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    How do you feel about ebay/paypal?

    I use Paypal alot. The only grudge I have against it is the funds clearance time-scale. 7 to 9 working days! I would of thought that by now, banks would recognise Paypal and thus have some sort of agreement or something to speed things up I use eBay as well but not too often though. Ive...
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    new medical benefit of circumcision

    I think this topic of circumcision reducing the risk of HIV is detracting from the other risks posed by STD/Is which may lead to people to cease practicing safe sex because they are circumcised thinking they are safe, disregarding the fact that HIV isnt the only infection they can get. The...
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    I agree, Red along with Live/Band Aid are big cons which only really benefit the celebrities and corporations. Has Bono even bothered to donate a substantial amount of money? Instead of creating Red, why doesnt he sponsor an already established charity? Or maybe his ego massage is more important.
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    Firefox 2.0 now available

    Umm, what didnt you understand about experience? I think its a load of *******s now because in my experience its becoming more and more bloated after each release and a variety of errors arise. Whats so hard to understand about that? Not everything is great or works. Just because Im...
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    WinRar Password Retrieval

    Heh, cracking rars. Ive spent some time doing that :/ I dont think any of these programs work. Ive tried tons of them to crack rars. Just a waste of time. Could try emailing the creator or install the crackers on another computer and leave it on for a few months. Best of luck though. Or you...
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    The Official Internet Explorer 7 Discussion Thread

    IE7 seems alright so far but theres a few things bugging me: cant remove: commands as they re-appear everytime I open up IE; the navigation buttons; the search bar; the refresh button; the stop button; and the two stars. Basically, I just would like to see the address bar...
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    Firefox 2.0 now available

    FF2 is the biggest bag of wolf b*llocks since Real Player. Honestly, the Firebird betas were awesome! They had very few minor problems and never lagged like hell. FF of all the types of programs I use, lags, crashing, freezes and just pisses me off. MEMORY LEAK MEMORY LEAK MEMORY LEAK! One...