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Sick of Flash crashing all the browsers!


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I really loath flash and this is just taking the piss >_<

I use IE7, Opera 9.02 and FF 2 and Flash keeps crashing all three! IE gets an error, Opera lags like hell and then stops responding and FF become in operable. Ive disabled all add-ons for FF and disable Flash on IE but some sites require Flash to be active in order to be used and I keep forgetting to turn it off, Opera is the most hardy but I dont use it often because I dont really like it that much but still can be crashed by Flash!

Is there any solutions to this or is Flash going to be the next worse thing that has happened to the internet?
Mozilla and IE 6 are running just fine with flash on my system.

And yes, Flash is a detrimemnt to the internet as far as I'm concerned. Slow loads, and wasted content. Who needs it!


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Now, Im wondering, my system doesnt have a graphics card, its using the onboard graphics. I dont suppose that would make any difference?


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Most cases, it crashes your system because the install you used didn't work. the best thing to do is install the stand alone version ..


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Thanks for the help guys.

The un-installer came in handy. Im stuffing Flash. I un-installed and updated, crashed. Tried again, worked fine but there was an error with the eBay toolbar. Uninstalled that and tried again. Nope. Ive had it :dead:

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