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    Sport Relief Mile

    Hi Guys, Haven't posted in a while but I thought I'd share this with you all. Our lead developer decided to run a mile for sport relief, the video's pretty funny: If you feel the need to sponsor him, all for a good cause, you can do here: <snip>...
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    Memory Paging - Tweak Request

    I've got my computer set up quite happily and it's on most of the time (media server, web server, etc). I'm running Windows XP which, very usefully, decides that if I've not been using an app for a while, pages most of it's memory to virtual memory, even though I've got 1GB of RAM and leaving...
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    Loosing Connectivity with win98se client (Win 2003 Server)

    Sorry for the delay in replying. I've got a bit more information on the problem. What happens is the windows 98 machine attempts to access some network resource with what appear to be bad credentials, even though the user logged in ok. Due to the account lockout policy, this then causes the...
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    Loosing Connectivity with win98se client (Win 2003 Server)

    I'm having a very similar problem at the moment with Windows 98 on AD. What happens is the account get's locked out after bad authentication attempts against the DC. I'm not sure what's causing the bad attempts though. If LordOfLa's resolution works, or you find a different solution, please...
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    A guy walks into a bar...

    An oyster walked into a bar and pulled a mussel
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    RIS server hell with $OEM$

    Best resource for unattended install issues is Theres loads of stuff on there and even more info in their forums.
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    Help with Choosing Car Audio

    The spec looks reasonable to me, especially for the price. Unless you hear of any specific issues, I'd go with it. The 4x60W amp output is even a little higher than standard, most I've looked at recently are around 4x45W and with the pre-amp output, it's easy enough to hook up a seperate amp...
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    You got hold of a 12 month old thread, if they haven't sorted out the hosting by now, they never will! :)
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    What distro are ya using and why?

    I'm running Gentoo at the moment as well, pretty much for the same reasons as Zedric. For those who like BSD based systems, Gentoo's portage system is based on BSD's ports tree. I haven't used the BSD ports system, so I can't compare the two, but I like Gentoo's portage system a lot. I should...
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    Ripped Off!

    I'd agree with LockStock, not a big fan of the police. I'm tempted to hijack the thread in a big rant about why, but I'll restrain myself! Do you know where the guy is? There might be someone on the forums who's not to far away from him who could go and collect either your money or your bumper?
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    5 blondes and a blind man

    It's a double post, looks like the other joke escaped! Very funny tho :)
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    [PHP+JavaScript(?)] pid's and images and confusion

    @X-Istence: Unfortunately, not everyone who vies the sites I'm involved with has a "proper" browser, otherwise designing sites would be much easier! (Out of choice I use one of the MOOX builds of Firefox) The reason for the sized popups here is a very specific one. When loading an image in a...
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    best way to copy a primary drive to another?

    The article I linked to above includes more info on the use of dd as Xie and X-Istence describe, inluding links to dd for windows if your not comfortable in linux.
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    Sound editing program required

    Adobe Audition (previously known as Cool Edit) will also do what you need, and much more. Not sure if it's a bit overkill for what you want though.
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    Network is running slow, what can I do to determine the cause?

    What have you tried so far with the filters? What's not working? What are you trying to do with the filters? I'd suggest running a capture to a file, then looking at the capture and trying to analyse it rather than trying to analyse it in real time. I don't know what the firmware is like on...